The Entertainer – Christmas Window

The Entertainer – Christmas Window


The display

In the end we delivered 9 Gold-themed Santa’s Workshop Toy Machine displays to their flagship stores, along with 14 Silver-themed Santa’s Workshop Toy Machine displays, 95 Bronze-themed Santa’s Workshop Toy Machine displays and 4 Tin-themed displays to other stores.

You’ve seen the photos, but I’ll tell you about what went into this uber special display for The Entertainer. We created an intricate 3D display of a magical Toy Machine from Santa’s Grotto that involved:

  • Moving mechanical parts and cogs
  • Flashing lights and beacons
  • A clear PVC tube filled with toys to give the impression of a flume transporting them towards the machine’s innards
  • Mains connections so no batteries were needed
  • Podiums to look like pistons
  • Cogs applied directly to the window with suckers for added 3D impact
  • Vinyl window cogs in a variety of sizes
  • A conveyor belt was printed to the base the display was sitting and lights were added to give the impression of movement
  • Loads of room for product to be displayed throughout the window – on the conveyor belt, up the flume, on the podiums, etc
  • We even made the first ‘O’ in banner Santa’s Workshop into a cog shape that revolved

The window was a huge success, and, as a result we have, of course, been asked to work with their team on their window displays again this year. The only problem for our design team now is how to top what we’ve already done for them!

It all started when…

The Entertainer is a brand that we have worked with for years, but we’ve chosen this project to talk about here because it’s one of our favourite and most ambitious campaigns.

It all started when Sam Kirwan, The Entertainer’s Print and Production Coordinator called us into his office to help create something truly spectacular for their Christmas windows, across 122 of their stores all around the UK.

The display needed the WOW! factor to draw in the crowds during this most important shopping period in the annual calendar – around 30% of the retailer’s annual turnover is typically achieved in December – so it was vital for us to help them stand out against stiff competition on the high street. The budget was relatively conservative, but that didn’t stop Sam wanting something special – something bigger and better than they had ever had before.

We love a challenge, so we immediately set to work brainstorming ideas.

Our ideas and execution

As always, our goal was not to simply meet prescribed expectations, but to blow them out of the water, and this brief gave us free rein to do just that. So, with this in mind we created a simply awesome Santa’s Workshop Toy Machine design concept that would cover an entire store window. It had movement, colour, vibrancy, and oodles of WOW! factor.

We then came up with four versions of the design concept, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Tin so Sam and colleagues could choose which best suited their budget and needs. They varied in size and levels of complexity, and of course they also varied in cost.

We had our CAD team design samples of each, costed them up, and presented them to Sam and his whole department. The verdict was unanimous – they loved them, and rather than choosing just one of the options, or narrowing them down, they ordered all four to be allocated across their UK branches based on location and window size.

CMYK nailed exactly what we wanted to achieve with this campaign. They were involved from the very beginning, when we had nothing more than just the idea of a working representation of a toy machine in the window. And, while CMYK have always been exceptional collaborative partners when it comes to promotion design, this project stands out for me.

I worked closely with them on display styles, the tiered rollout plan, and the materials that would be used, all to ensure that the final versions fitted within our budget, and their dynamic, creative energy was intrinsic to this campaign’s success across all 120 of our stores.

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