Foot Locker – Sneaker of the Week

Foot Locker – Sneaker of the Week


We came up with four ideas, which they whittled down to two. We prototyped these ideas in acrylic, wood, metal and printed them as requested, and the Foot Locker team had a hell of a job choosing just one because they liked them both so much.

But choose one they did, and 600 sneaker of the week displays were manufactured, individually packed and shipped to stores across the UK and Europe. A further 200 were made and stored for when replacements were needed or new stores opened.

The display

The finished display was formed from acrylic, wood and metal – an oversized shoebox elevating the sneaker of the week for all to see. The inside was black to make the sneaker stand out and the outside was in the familiar Foot Locker black and white stripe. The inside of the upright back of the display had a slot for inserting marketing messages that can be interchanged each week for new enticements.

So happy were the team at Foot Locker that we now handle not only their print promotions, but their promotional displays as well.

It all started when…

Foot Locker have been clients of ours for a while, but somehow, they had got it into their heads that we were purely printers, specialising in print campaigns, cost-saving print audits and print asset management. This is, of course, only part of our offering, as at the heart of our business is promotion design, no matter the format, for in-store POS/POP/window display and promotion stands, intricately developed for maximum impact.

So, it was lucky that we were sitting in on a marketing meeting to be able to set the record straight when someone from the Foot Locker team suggested that they needed a promotional campaign to highlight a single sneaker each week, and the ‘sneaker of the week’ campaign was born right then and there.

Our ideas and execution

We really did come at this project from a standing start because no brief had been developed at the time. All we knew was that they wanted something to make their sneaker of the week stand out. Ideas thrown around included posters, totems and standees, but we decided to go a different way.

The concept had to be robust and long lasting, so we suggested that they should made from permanent materials such as acrylics and woods. They had to draw the eye, to clearly present a sneaker of the week as simply the best in our client’s opinion. And they had to be produced in volume so stores across Europe could use them in their weekly promotions.

Brilliant work. We’ve worked with CMYK for years, and over that time they have grown to become one of our main print and promotion suppliers. The thing that makes them stand out over the many others in their sector is their willingness, and ultimately their ability, to deliver what we want, using any material to devise innovative promotional solutions, putting our needs at the centre of design decisions.

We already had pedestals in our newer stores, and because they were so effective we wanted a way to affordably elevate our product promotions across all of our stores. CMYK offered a 360-degree service, from concept to delivery of this premium permanent display, while throughout being mindful of cost efficiency and material selection. Every one of our stores now has at least one of these display units and the quality of their build ensures that they will remain a valuable part of our in-store promotional strategy for some time to come.

Foot Locker EuropeVisual Merchandising Director