Foot Locker x Buffalo

#livednotliked In-Store Activation

The footfall on and around the display was expected to be high, and it’s purpose was to be clambered all over so we had to rapidly construct a display that would be durable enough to not only survive this, but to look as good on the last day of the campaign as the first. It also had to be safe for people to climb in and out of the bath, so everything needed to be firmly rooted.

Given these requirements, and just 2 weeks to design, produce and install the unit in, this was going to be an incredibly tight deadline.

We spent a couple of days redesigning the display for maximum visual impact and durability, with our in-house design and production teams working together to ensure that both looks and practicality boxes were ticked.

The display was then constructed from timber (for the internal framework structure), card and Foamex (for the outer skin, which was printed on with high resolution artwork),  a small powder-coated black steel platform with a steel mesh outer and printed top, and a bathtub that was sourced from a bath store.

The working display

The display was installed on time because our own in-house design, production and installation teams worked together to ensure that, at every stage, we were running to schedule.

A significant amount of publicity went into promoting the Buffalo campaign, so predictably the display was incredibly popular. It also withstood the crowds, and clients, Foot Locker and Buffalo were all very happy with the result.

It all started when…

We were contacted by shoe brand Buffalo, with a concept for a display unit in one of Foot Locker’s flagship stores.

It was to be eye-catching, fun and colourful, aimed at a young demographic. A self-contained unit that consisted of a step up to a bath, filled with plastic spheres to mimic bubble bath, surrounded by plinths for product display and a wall for promoting an Instagram competition to encourage shoppers to jump into the bath, take selfies with the shoes in shot and upload them. The best picture would win a prize.
The bathtub and bubble balls had to be sourced, the plinths and walls constructed, and the posters and signs printed. We were given just over 2 weeks from instruction to installation on this project.

Our challenges and execution

We had three primary challenges to overcome 1) the concept we were provided with at the outset was not wholly practical and therefore a redesign was required, 2) the display had to be constructed to withstand a significant amount of use, and 3) the turnaround time was incredibly tight.

The original brief suffered from two fundamental flaws, which we explained to our client. Firstly there were issues with health and safety, given that this was to be a display unit that had to withstand large numbers of customers, of all ages, day in and day out, and secondly the original brief had an assumption in it that we could source the integral plinths from within the store, but as these were not available we needed to construct them ourselves.