Foot Locker SALE Campaign

Campaign Print Production & Distribution


But the complexity of this ongoing project does not stop at the sheer volume of this print run and number of formats for the sale promotional material. Every store in the Foot Locker group is involved, and – as each has different needs and fixings – a precise picking and packing process is required to ensure accuracy when it comes to filling and shipping those 4,000+ packages.

The fulfilment

To meet the demands of this project, four times a year, we stretch our workforce even further than usual. The long hours and quality control to maintain our reputation for standards excellence – the differentiator that ensures Foot Locker comes back to us each and every year – are paramount to achieving accurate printing, picking and packing as well as on-time delivery to each and every store across the continent.

Print, materials and format are precisely defined to assist in minimising package size and weight in order to keep delivery costs down.

Timescales are always tight, but we’re happy to oblige to ensure that all sale materials are in-store in good time for staff to prepare for the busiest periods of the year.

Through years of working together we have gained an appreciation for the intricacies of this project, enabling us to run these campaigns like clockwork each season for Foot Locker. So, while they remain challenging, we have the capacity, capability and commitment to meet expectations every single time.

It all started when…

The relationship we have with Foot Locker has existed for years and an important feature of that relationship is our responsibility for their seasonal sale promotions printing, packing and delivery.

This may seem a simple project on the face of it, but the reality is very different. Because there are so many moving parts in play here it is as challenging as any creative project that we’re asked to undertake.

Our challenges and execution

Foot Locker plans four scheduled seasonal sales per year – spring, summer, autumn and Christmas/New Year/January – and for each we have the challenge of:

  • Working with no less than 390 pieces of artwork
  • In 13 different languages
  • Producing 4,000 finished packages of printed materials
  • To be sent in 3–4 articulated delivery lorries
  • Across Europe to over 600 stores

The artwork templates we store for Foot Locker are maintained for use at a moment’s notice (though a little more notice than that is usually preferred!), or adapted on demand from our client.

The printed materials requested each sale season are in as many and varied forms as you can imagine – lightboxes, price toppers, window banners, cage banners, posters to attach to store fixings, shelf scripts for the front of shelves, security port covers at entrance/exit, rack headers, trestle table covers, window decals, and more. Printing is onto PVC, display board, corrugated, backlit material, opaque boxboard – but no matter the format, we’re ready, willing and more than able to rise to the challenge. Some take longer than others to produce, which is why detailed schedules are produced from the outset to ensure everything is ready when and where it is needed.

Thank you CMYK. The level of complexity in our sales campaign each season is unique in my experience, and the shifting sands of design changes that seem to always hit at the last minute create a significant challenge. But year after year you deliver. We consider you to be one of us, an extension of our company, a team we choose to work with above all others, due, not only to your detailed understanding of our business, the way we work and the quality of service you provide, but also because of your flexibility, accuracy and dedication to always delivering what we need, when we need it, no matter the nightmarish demands we make of you. Thank you CMYK.

Foot Locker EuropeManager Print & Production